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Class Descriptions


Deepen your practice by establishing the foundation of alignment while opening to the radiance and joy of flow.

Poses are held longer, allowing us to truly embody each pose and simultaneously open the body, mind and spirit. We flow with breath and awareness while encouraging ourselves to go beyond personal boundaries. Through the stability of alignment we build the intuition to become wise and safe practicing yogis. We also cultivate the ease and the flowing grace of movement.

Open to your own inner grace and radiance.

A sculpting workout developed from foundational Pilates and ballet dance movements with the use of a ballet bar, ball and small weights.  Upper body and ab sculpting in addition to small amounts of cardiovascular work.  Glutes on fire! 

Little movements make for big results!  Shoes or Toe Sox optional.
Indoor Cycle is a 30 or 45 minute cycling workout for those who prefer to train aerobically without placing undue stress to the joints. The class is designed using choreography and visualization, focusing inward while making the mind/body connection. Indoor Cycle is motivating, invigorating and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. It attracts the fit and not so fit who want to find another way to burn calories, increase heart rate and enjoy a fun filled class of fitness and well being.

A 60 minute class; 30 minutes of Yoga-Infused Cycling followed by 30 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga. Indoor Cycling is a low impact, cardiovascular workout. Control your workout by adjusting the resistance and speed. Burn ~500 calories in 60 minutes! This is a great class for those new to Yoga or those looking to burn calories and gain strength and endurance.

It's true! A long, deep stretch. This class follows a Vinyasa flow design, but rather than moving quickly into the next posture (asana) we stay and explore the posture by holding for a few breaths. This is a great class for all levels of students!

Learn simple self-care techniques you can use every day to make your body feel better and function more efficiently. Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, and learn how to keep your whole body working better. We'll use soft foam rollers and small MELT® and and Foot Balls to re-hydrate the connective tissue throughout your body and make your muscles and joints happy! The MELT® Method is an innovative science-based self-treatment program that's being taught in some of the country's most prestigious health and fitness centers.

 Gentle yoga for the expecting and post partum.  Focuses on breathing and opening up the hips in a class of women who are at different stages of their pregnancy.  Also great for relating with others as they make their journey thru their pregnancy.  

Celebrate the arrival of summer with a class of 108 Sun Salutations! Ease into the Sun Salutations, warming the body with each movement. As we near the 108th Sun Salutation, class will gradually slow and end with an incredible extended Savasana.

The class will collectively complete 108 Sun Salutations, each student may complete anywhere between one and 108. Students are encouraged to make modifications or take resting poses as needed, weaving back into the flow of class when ready. 108 Sun Salutations is a powerful and meditative practice, creating heat, detoxifying the body and centering the mind.


VIN/YIN is a dynamic duo. The first half of the class begins with a vibrant vinyasa flow, to warm up the body and breath, then eases into a yin practice where postures are held 3-5 minutes. These longer holds are used to open up circulation and space in the denser tissues of the body.
This class will help encourage flexibility in both the mind and the body.
A series of flowing poses linked together with breath. This class is designed to open the body through movement while quieting the mind with breath. Working together, they create a meditation in motion.

Come and awaken the spirit!

A series of flowing poses linked together with breath. This class is designed to open the body through movement while quieting the mind with breath. Working together, they create a meditation in motion.

Come and awaken the spirit!

Sculpt your body by adding small hand weights (always optional) to your yoga flow! A Vinyasa flow class with sculpting and cardio to strengthen and sculpt the full body.

Calling all road-warriors, trail-junkies and gym-rats...this is a yoga class designed to benefit the athlete (but you definitely don't need to be an athlete to attend).

Strengthening asanas (poses) will be combined with deep opening of those muscle areas that can become tense and tight in active people - hamstrings/quads, hips and shoulders, among others. Building strength in the core will protect and support the body in all endeavors.

Become more connected with your body and breath while improving flexibility/range of motion, balance and overall stability. Combined, these things can improve performance, reduce injuries and aid in faster recovery for athletes of all disciplines.

**All levels welcome**