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Did your day’s schedule take a left turn? Only have 20 minutes to sneak in a quick workout? Not quite ready to come back to the studio? No matter where you’re practicing these days or how much time you have, you can flow with TCY’s VOD whenever, wherever. 

Class Format –  You can find more than 200 classes in our video library! There are Vinyasa classes, Yoga Sculpt, 30/30s, and more. 

Class Length – No matter how much time you have, Yoga On Demand has a class to fit your schedule! Settle into a 60-minute Vinyasa flow, or get a quick sweat in with a 20- or 30-minute Yoga Sculpt.

New to Yoga – Beginner yogi? No worries! This collection will ease you in as you explore your own yoga practice.

Yoga Pose Series – Try these progressive vinyasa classes if you’re looking to deepen and strengthen your practice.  These custom series are designed to lead you to the successful completion of an advanced yoga pose.  You can choose from Super Soldier (a single leg inversion), Elephant Trunk (an arm balance), Scorpion (a forearm stand), and more!

Upcoming Challenges and Series – The holidays are HERE! Jill we be adding several challenges and series to help keep us motivated and grounded.  The Halloween challenge was a HOOT (at times it was not a hoot, but really hard and we’re glad we did it!) and her Thanksgiving challenge starts TODAY! Then we will be onto another 12 Days of Christmas! WOOHOO! 

Here are a few tips to set you up for success and help you Yoga On Demand like a pro.

How to Watch
Start your Video On Demand in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for VOD membership (an additional $20/month for TCY members- this is separate from your MindBody account)
  2. Sign in to our VOD library
  3. Choose your class and start practicing! 

You can use TCY’s Video On Demand on your phone, computer, iPad or tablet and across iOS, or Windows or Android operating systems.

Create an Inviting Practice Space – Wherever you decide to practice with On Demand, here are a few suggestions to help make your space a great place to flow:

Set the mood – If you’re taking a Vinyasa or a more restorative class, dim the lights and light some candles instead. Another nice addition? Warm up your practice spot with your favorite essential oil.  Lavender and eucalyptus are wonderfully soothing for a Vinyasa, and spearmint or orange are energizing for a sculpt!

Create space – if you can, remove clutter and any other distracting elements from your practice space. Yes, that means your cell phone.  Enjoy the self-care you’re creating for yourself, to yourself.  

Bring some nature in – If you’re practicing inside, set some plants around your space to make it feel more alive and inviting.

Ready to give TCY’s Video On Demand a try?

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