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It’s been 13 years of cultivating TCY to be the studio it is today. A place that was started by Patsy Juarez and passed on to me in 2018. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to take the wheel of this extraordinary place filled with the most amazing and powerful people. There is something special about this studio and I thank you deeply for being a part of it – with you we elevate the community around us and each other. 

It’s been years of listening to our gut, sometimes oh-so-painfully slowly. 

Years of taking on debts and risks, on the running engine of hope that people will continue to need what TCY has to offer. 

It’s been years of watching humans open up to their inner power on and off the mat. Seeing transformations happen when we commit to taking care of ourselves. Sometimes we have hard conversations that lead to beautiful breakthroughs. 

It’s been years of intentionally creating a space where we hoped as many people as possible could feel they belong. And at the same time, always feeling we want to do more. 

It’s been years of running away from the way I’ve seen it done and working to flip the script on the way we proceed bravely forward and how we interact with one another. 

The past years continue to be nothing short of amazing. All the parts of it. 

And I continue to be in awe of the light you emit. Thank you for showing up for yourself. Thank you for your trust and bravery. Every day. On and off the mat. 

You are a part of the whole and you are a part of what makes this ship sail. 

With much love and gratitude,


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