Resolutions are for….people other than me!

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But this time…I’m REALLY doing this!

Confession: I’m a 200 hr certified yoga teacher that didn’t have a daily yoga practice

So, here’s the thing….I go out of town every year to be with my mom around the holidays and for her birthday. It just so happens that my mom lives in Maui for the winter. So…it does NOT suck! I usually get to spend a good 6-8 weeks there every December/January. I also manage to make it out one or two more times (SOMEONE has to make sure she gets there and gets home safely!!) ANYWAY…(I’m getting to my point). There’s the BEST studio here in Maui (shout out to Maui Hot Yoga in Kihei! Yes..HOT yoga in Maui…is a thing!) I always go when I’m here. This year, I was a machine! I went almost every day (36 classes in 42 days) It’s been amazing! It’s seriously been a game changer to practice every day.

I know….I should totally already know this! I’m a certified yoga teacher AND own a studio! WTH? I TALKED about it…A LOT! I THOUGHT about it…A LOT, I’ve got more saved videos, yoga tutorials, ideas and Instagram posts about yoga than…(someone who saves a lot of things). But once I actually DID it, it’s been mind-blowing how I feel and the difference it’s made! I’ve done and felt things I never knew existed! Poses that were “I’m too old for that” somehow became possible (not pretty…but possible!)

Me: “What am I going to do when I get home” (STOP…before you judge me, I am fully aware how seriously pathetic that sounds…Poor thing, has to come HOME after spending 7 weeks in Maui….the struggle is REAL. My husband calls it “PMS”- post maui syndrome and it lasts a LONG time! )

So…after I have my little pity party, I brush myself off, throw away the empty wine bottle and THINK (I do my best work after wine and a run…not in that order, thank goodness).


Suuuuurrrrre you are! Kinda like all the new year resolutions that last all of 3 days… This probably has more to do with the fact that I have the willpower of a toddler! (ask my husband about the time I gave up chocolate for lent…finding me knuckle deep in a jar of Nutella 2 days later…”Nutella isn’t chocolate!”…I didn’t make it to easter!)

NOPE…this one’s for real, and this is how I’m going to do it. With the help of my community!

I’m going to plan and practice at the studio, DAILY! Different times, but DAILY. I will plan out my practices a week in advance and put it on the TCY schedule (not sure what to call it yet). Whoever wants to come, can sign up! It won’t be a regular scheduled class, just a ‘come if you can’ practice to keep me accountable and connected to anyone that is looking to practice with me that day. If no one shows up…it’s ok, I will still do my own practice (and finally get through some of those yoga tutorials I’ve got saved up!). I plan on working on different poses, inversions, openers, whatever feels good/right with my body that day. I’m going to commit to this for the month of February!

Get excited!!!

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