One year later…How the pandemic changed everything, and nothing!

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A primary objective of yoga in its simplest terms is to live in freedom, health and harmony, and find balance between body and mind.

This year, while demanding beyond belief, has taught me so much. I have never felt so much love and appreciation from our community.  You showed up for yourselves and TCY when we needed you most. You sent us love notes and emails, participated in our weird online challenges, you did your best to stay positive and inspired all year. Without these reminders along the way, I’m not sure we (or I) could have kept going.

You kept us lit from the inside out and, I speak for all of us at TCY, to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This pandemic changed everything… and nothing at the same time. Because of you, we were able to keep our doors open and our studio alive.

People often tell me how impressed they are with how I gracefully kept running TCY throughout the pandemic. (And side note: I could not have done it without our spectacular teachers and staff!)

To this, I say thank you… but I also want to laugh a little. Because while it may have looked graceful to you, inside I was about as graceful as … well, let’s not go there!

Let’s just say that I cried (a lot), lost a lot of hair (and according to my hairdresser…now grey hair, WTH!?!) this year. My body and energy have taken a huge hit.

Last week, I began to plan out one of my classes. I started to think of themes and inspirations I could bring into class.




I got nothing!!!

Yikes! Nothing?

Nope! I can’t even BS my way through an inspirational thought right now!

Let me check my Instagram and see if I can steal someone elses’ motivation (…2 hours and 27 views watching Pandas frolick in their tiny little Panda worlds, I want one!)

NOTHING! OMG! I’m dead inside?!

“BE PRESENT”. Ok, that’s good, let’s go with that!

Side note….when I was going through teacher training I SWORE I would never use “BE PRESENT” as a theme. I just thought it was kinda a lame, too general (like…”of course I’m PRESENT! I’m here aren’t I?)

But alas, I pulled myself together (somewhat) and went for a walk…BE PRESENT!

As I walked, I managed to string my raging thoughts together and come up with this. I’ve gotten into the habit of saying “once I get through _____, it will be better”, “once I do ______, I can move on and focus on that”. Always looking forward, never being PRESENT!

Oh…NOW I get it!

Like like many of you, I have been living on adrenaline and fumes for the last year and professional burnout has been scratching at my door, and it’s time to STOP, breathe and listen.

It’s so easy to just put your head down and “keep going”. NOT acknowledging what is happening RIGHT NOW! (why is my wine glass empty again….weird!!)

My intention is to lean on my amazing staff a little more! I have been blessed with the most amazing friends/instructors! The whole TCY team has been so supportive during this and I need to appreciate that and acknowledge it.

So…I’m off to Maui for 2 weeks to go retrieve my mom from the island and bring her back to CO for the summer (I ALMOST had you feeling bad for me until that last sentence!)! You are in good hands with our TCY staff! I will take some time away so that I can come back to you with more energy and veracity than ever before (be a little scared!) However, I intend to continue to stay connected to TCY remotely and be supportive of our team and community at every turn.

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

Email me and let me know because I’ll be reading every single response. Give me as much detail as you can. With more detail I can create content, products and offers that are going to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Congratulations and thank you for being part of this community and for wanting to grow and keep having a healthy, balanced life.

We are in this together now!

Thanks again and looking forward to connecting more soon!!

Love and gratitude,


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