Trick or Trikonasana!

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Jill’s VOD Trick or Trikonasana—A Hall-o-Week (or two!) of Yoga

Starting October 18th, Jill will lead you through 14 days of classes building up to Halloween (PLUS 2 bonus videos after Halloween for a little candy detox)! 

We will publish a new class every day until Halloween!  From Zombie Sculpt (this sculpt focuses on dead lifts and muscle burn-outs) to Three Muskekteers Vinyasa (this vinyasa has Archer Pose and Bow and Arrow Pose as peaks) to a Spider sculpt and vinyasa both, Jill will keep you moving, sweating, stretching, and having fun with Halloween themed playlists. See the schedule below:

Day 1: Starburst Sculpt

We begin the Trick or Trikonasana (our long Hall-o-Week of Yoga!!) series with a burst of energy, aka Starburst Sculpt.  (I’m partial to Starburst, especially the red ones.)  This sculpt has us working in more foundational yoga sculpt poses, but you’ll be doing cardio in SunB and Mountain Climbers instead of push-ups.  This is meant to get your heart rates up and give you a lasting (star)burst of energy to face your day!  It’s a perfect start to the series.  Enjoy!  

Day 2: Tootsie Roll Vinyasa

“Mr. Owl… How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?” We’ve all seen the commercial! (It’s one of my favorites.) This vinyasa flow honors the impatient and hungry little owl by having us roll up and down on our spine instead of going straight to chatarunga, and our peak pose is Owl.

Day 3: Skittles Sculpt

In this Halloween candy themed sculpt, we will be focusing on all the rainbow exercises because Skittles are some of my favorites. We’ll be doing rainbow bicep curls, rainbow curtsies, and rainbow core work. This does mean curtsy lunges, but if you have knee issues, you can always do a crescent lunge instead!  

Day 4: Three Musketeers Vinyasa

We’ve eaten the candy, and maybe we’ve read the book (hopefully the abridged version) or seen one of the many (many!) movie adaptations. Now we put our own spin on the Three Musketeers by building a flow towards Archer pose. We also do a modified Bow and Arrow pose! This flow is heavy on work in the hips, and we do spend some time coming down to our knees. If you have knee issues and don’t want to do some of these poses, Supine Figure 4 is a wonderful modification. Enjoy, and en garde!

Day 5: Spider Creepy Crawly Sculpt

I have long tried to deny that there is a Spider yoga pose, but there is. And there are Spider Squats in sculpt. As such, this yoga sculpt will focus on those. We will do four rounds of them, and to counter the toll it takes on our legs, we will focus more on our upper body and core during Sun B. Expect lots of arm work! We will also be crawling up and down our mats into and out of plank and into and out of Human Makers, Bird Dogs, and Tricep Push-ups.

Day 6: M&M Vinyasa

As much as the candy (the peanut and peanut butter varieties are my favorites) is my favorite, a deep stretch vinyasa can put just as big a smile on my face.  So with that in mind, we will be doing a deep stretch M (Marichi’s Pose) & M (Mermaid Pose) vinyasa.  You will need a strap for this one, but a towel will do.  Also, since Mermaid is essentially Half-Pigeon, if you have knee issues, I offer modifications.  Just enjoy this beautiful stretch flow.  This is a treat.  Enjoy!  

Day 7: Twix Sculpt

What is the right side doing??  In one of the more challenging sculpts in our series, this class has us dividing the work between our right side and our left side.  And while that’s normal because of how SunB works, this has us working on blocks in lunges and squats and holding one arm in a static position to really focus the opposing muscles to work harder.  Take this one as it comes.  Remember that you do not have to do the lunges on the block if you don’t want to.  (And yes, I was inspired by the commercials from Twix.)  

Day 8: Black Cat Vinyasa

Who says black cats are unlucky?  This flow challenges us to work our spine in a front to back C-shape instead of side to side, which should feel wonderful.  This flow has numerous versions of Cat/Cow stretches, Crouching Cat, and Angry Cat.  This flow also has one of the most challenging poses we’ve done in this series, which is Bound Half Moon.  Grab a strap for this one!!  

Day 9: Lifesavers Sculpt

Let’s go swimming!  This slightly more aquatic themed sculpt will have us working in poses and exercises evocative of swimming—dolphin push-ups, Superman swimmers, reverse fly, froggy squats, and standing split work.  Also, the booty work will be reminiscent of the breast stroke because we’ll be working in Supta Badakanasana.  Just try it—kind of like the pineapple flavored Lifesavers—if you give it a try, you just might like it.  

Day 10: Spider Vinyasa

There is a spider on your mat!! This vinyasa flow incorporates some of my absolute favorite aspects of yoga–an around the world flow, hip and shoulder openers, and extra core work. We go around the world in this one and I offer the possibility of Crow to Chatarunga instead of simply Chatarunga. We’ll end with Spider Pose, which is a wide leg forward fold where we hold ourselves up on our fingertips. It’s great fun, even if you have arachnophobia.

Day 11: Three Musketeers Sculpt

En garde!  The candy bar might be light and airy, but this trick sculpt is not.  We will be working with our arms as though we are cross-training for fencing.  We also start on our left side today.  By keeping one arm bound behind you, you have to keep your core more engaged than usual.  This one will leave you sweating!  In the second round of SunB, we do have our feet on blocks, so if your knees say no thank you, you absolutely do not have to use blocks.  Enjoy this one!  

Day 12: Milky Way Vinyasa

The moon belongs to everyone! We’ll be exploring various moon and star poses in our Milky Way Vinyasa, going to Star to Horse to Shooting Star and transitioning from Bound Revolved Half Moon to Half Moon, and we’ll finish with Stargazer Pose. To get there, we’ll also work in Side Plank and Gate Poses.

Day 13: Zombie Sculpt

We will invoke the idea of the walking dead from our Zombie Sculpt today, which incorporates a great deal of dead lifts and curtsy lunges. If you have any knee issues, do a crescent lunge instead of a curtsy, and you’ll be fine. Take this one as it comes. We also do three different kinds of burpees and extra bicep and tricep work because zombies have difficulty holding their arms up, too. Enjoy!

Day 14: Full Moon Vinyasa

Rounding out our series (pun intended), this flow has Full Moon as its peak pose, and to get there, we will work in Skandasana, Revolved Half Moon, Giva Squats, and Extended Side Angle to loosen our hips, stretch our shoulders, and loosen the back enough to straighten our top leg in Half Moon.  You all know I just love a good Skandasana, and this flow should feel so good after all of the amazing hard work you’ve put in.  Enjoy this one!  

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