Welcome to Phase 2.1483467. 😜

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Oh my my what a week, what a year, is it over yet? No?

I hope this email finds you well as you navigate your current waters, whatever level of joy, weariness, and murk they may be.

But I also know that individually, and collectively, we are stressed. Ranging from anxious to empty. Finding ourselves once again needing to pivot and adjust to more restrictions and closures. It’s been a bumpy road, but


Thankfully, fitness facilities have been elevated to essential businesses. We all know the importance fitness brings to our physical and mental health so it is refreshing to see this widely recognized.

Due to the updated dial level and increase in restrictions by Jefferson County, we will be making some adjustments to class sizes.

We will continue to offer as many class options as possible. We appreciate your continued support and efforts to keep our community healthy by signing up in advance, wearing a face covering, maintaining 6ft of distance, and staying home when you don’t feel well.

We will get through this together!

Thank you all for your support and flexibility as we head into what we hope are the final chapters of this very bad nightmare.

Class Etiquette

OK…are you ready for my “MOM FACE, finger pointing, I’m serious” speech? (my kids call this “Mom’s Come to Jesus” speech that occurs about once or twice a year…maybe more during COVID if I don’t have any nutella or wine in the house after a long day…just sayin!)

Due to class size limitations, we will be strictly enforcing our late cancellation/no show policy. We absolutely hate to do this but we want to ensure that we are fair and equitable to all.

If you are signed up for a class…COME TO CLASS! I know (‘mom eyes’…picture it) it sounds obvious, but, we are still getting too many late cancels and no shows. PLEASE DON”T BE THAT GUY! If you’re on the waitlist…CHECK TO SEE IF YOU GOT INTO THE CLASS up to 1 hour before the class. I personally check the waitlist for every class and make adjustments to assure we fill all the spots available. I will add people up to an hour before class (i’ve also been know to send a last minute text if I know you are close by…). If you’re on the waitlist and get in and don’t show…you’re still taking a spot from someone that could have gotten in. It’s NOT a perfect system, but we’re doing our best to get everyone in.

If you’re not sure you can make it to a class…please don’t sign up. If you’re on the waitlist and KNOW you can’t make it to class…take yourself OFF the waitlist. We are so limited in spots, we need to treat each spot as an opportunity for someone to get a much needed break from LIFE!

Once added to the class from the waitlist, you’ll receive an email and text notification (please check your account setting that you are signed up to receive text and email notifications). Please respond to the text with a “Y” so confirm your reservation.

Our hope is that we get everyone into a class. IF we continue to have no shows and late cancels (and more people not being able to get into classes) we will need to go to a WAITLIST ONLY situation (and Susie will need more wine and nutella!) However, I have the utmost confidence that we can all work together and do this!

Holiday Schedule

Thanksgiving is coming up next week! We have cancelled some classes but will still have some great opportunities for you to get a workout in, including a special Thanksgiving bootcamp! Please make sure to check the schedule and sign up in advance for each class! Also, stay tuned for some special BLACK FRIDAY deals!

And with that, have a beautiful week. I will see you soon! Thank you for reading and your continued support! Thank you for all the encouraging emails – many full of gratitude… and we hear you. And we feel the same way about you 💙! Love and gratitude to all of you!


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