Holiday Closure 2020

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We will close the studio from Thursday, November 26th until Monday, December 7th.  


I hope you are having a fantastic week. As we are all well aware, this holiday season is presenting us all with unique challenges with regards to Covid-19 stats.

Our TCY community has been truly incredible throughout this challenging time, and we are eternally grateful to you for your support and participation in our services.

I have spent days listening to the news (I know…with caution and usually a drink!), reading reports, talking to people in our community and other studio owners trying to decide how to plow forward through the Holidays. This is such a stressful time and I have lost days stressing about it.

Our community has been hit hard by this virus. It is getting too close to home. I, myself, have been exposed and spent hours tracing my steps, trying to figure out WHO all I could have put at risk. It’s an awful feeling and one that made me stop and think. As much as I want to offer a space where practicing yoga helps people to live their best life, my yogi intuition tells me I need to do EVERYTHING in my power to keep my community safe.

The last thing we want to do is close again. However, with so many people traveling and gathering over the holiday, I honestly feel that a TEMPORARY hiatus of 10-14 days would be a good idea.

Please understand we do not want to cut off our own legs or create more challenges for you or our business. Our temporary closure a few months back was incredibly challenging for our small business, and continues to create struggles for us. However…

Out of an abundance of caution and out of deep love for each of you, we will close the studio from Thursday, November 26th until Monday, December 7th.

If this gives you pause, please hear us out. I truly believe this is part of our greater yoga journey. As we all try and navigate this holiday season to the best of our ability, we want to be able to look at the big picture and stay open long term.

We are working on a plan to possibly rent out bikes during this time as well. (WAIT…before you email me, it’s still a work in progress and LOTS of things need to be ironed out before we go there…I will send out an email to all unlimited members FIRST then go from there…stay tuned)

Here are my top reasons why things are going to be A-OK

  1. First and foremost, we are doing our part to keep each and every one of us as safe as possible while still enjoying our yoga classes (virtually) and staying healthy. This also helps to protect our immunocompromised friends and elderly population whom we love.
  2. We have created an amazing VOD library with so many great classes! Jill has been ON FIRE teaching and uploading some of the most creative, amazing classes! Patsy has added some 30/30 classes, and there’s much more to come. We can still practice what we love with whom we love (is it who or whom? I never remember)
  3. Our TCY community is amazing and the love and support we feel (even from afar) is nothing short of amazing!
  4. We can practice remotely with a new virtual schedule, stay tuned as we figure that out! … drumroll please…new instructors and classes!

If you haven’t yet but would like access to our online library during this time, please let us know and we will hook you up.

If you need to discuss your membership, please let us know. We strongly believe each and every one of you badass yogis can handle this! We’ve dealt with so much this year…This AIN’T NO THANG!!!

I mean, really… we made it this far into 2020… WE CAN DO THIS! Bring it 2020!

Again, thank you so much and we look forward to continuing our good work together.

With so much love and gratitude,

Susie and your TCY family

Happy Thanksgiving!
Keeping our community safe…hang on!

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